LML Duramax Biller Upper Valve Cover Set (WCFab 100692)

LML Duramax Biller Upper Valve Cover Set (WCFab 100692)

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-Left and Right Upper Valve Covers
-Flush Head Stainless hardware
-O-ring Seal
-Powder Coating

WCFab Billet Upper Valve Cover set with -10AN breather ports on each side. The OEM PCV Box does not breathe well enough for high horsepower engines, this setup lessens yours crankcase pressure with two #10 breather ports. Includes threaded bosses for injector line hold downs.
NOTE: These valve covers do not have OEM style bosses to accept factory fuel filter housing bracket and other OEM type items. These are designed for high horsepower race applications and modifications to wire harness tabs and mounting brackets are necessary.

Product Notes:

-Add Oil fill cap when being used with WCFab Billet Front Engine Cover.
-PCV Reroute kit available WCF 100727